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No Fear, All Heart, Pure Soul: The Passion of Sculptor Margot Gotoff:

That’s sculptor Margot Gotoff.  She has this inexplicable tendency to make one forget she is an artist of worldly acclaim because she is so absolutely grounded.  And I have no problem gushing about her, either.  I was completely floored by her art and her persona.  Margot’s charisma is infectious.  You want to be her friend, and she delivers.  She completely captivated me, not only as an unbelievably talented sculptor, but as an unbelievably true blue friend. Read More….CLICK HERE

2009 Ohioana Pegasus Award” (web)

Celebrated Artist Brings Her Pieces to Oakley” Cincinnati Enquirer (pdf)

Some Women Sculpt” Cincinnati Woman Magazine (pdf)

Look Here” City Beat (pdf)

Sculptor of Experience” Cincinnati Enquirer (web)

As we know, someone’s art is a work in process – the artist is constantly transforming his or her vision and revealing new works over time that showcase the direction he or she is heading. This makes it a bit harder for fans or collectors to follow a specific artist’s progress.

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